'Alien Species Intervention', by J.K Accinni'Alien Species Intervention', by J.K Accinni
Three 5 star performances for the ‘price’ of one.

I really didn’t know what to expect reading this trilogy, and to be perfectly honest, the paranormal/sci-fi/horror isn’t generally my thing. Besides, reading the first novel works as a tester, I needed only to see how it went…

Endeavouring to avoid clichés, I’ll say only that, in all – all three – I’m anything but disappointed; and yes, this masterful effort blew my socks off.

Why? Well, in how the author has somehow, mind-bendingly, truly succeeded in creating a dystopia of our nightmares – atmospherically, they form part of the most unnerving books I’ve had the pleasure in reading, seriously, and I wonder whether or not a film version would ever get near to equalling their impact.

Through all three pieces, I kept looking at them from a stylistic perspective: from the narrator’s point of view, there’s little omniscience – or at least that’s the impression I was left with – more as from a morbid fly-on-the-wall – or perhaps not a fly; the books really play with the strings of the imagination. The writing itself is articulate, concise, contains little superfluity, if any, how a book should be, regardless of genre; and for me, there exist many forms of poetic prose. These books are brilliant.

Beginning our journey in the 20s/30s is ingenious too, for it’s already out of our reach. Moreover, we tend only to think of the paranormal of those times when works happened to have been written in those times, and further back – I’m thinking H.G. Wells and co. Because of that, Netty’s world instantly invokes a world of, yes, our nightmares – what is this old place of her youth, to which she returns? Where is this place? And just what is this creature, Baby?

As I never want to give anything away in my reviews, I’ll add only that there is more to this trilogy than meets the eye, too – and I can’t wait for a fourth! Meaning there’s very much an allegory at play here – as there are in many of these types of work – where the evil of our planet appears to make evermore progress, in the name of “progress”. And that, if we, as a unit, don’t act sooner rather than later, then there is no hope.


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