'Light and Shadows', by Estela Vasquez Perez'Light and Shadows', by Estela Vasquez Perez
Writing with grace…

When considering Romance as a genre, just about any book fits the profile in some way or other. Hence the reason I tend to look elsewhere when after a book I might simply fall into – who enjoys rummaging through haystacks anyway? Pushing aside the plethora of books whose sole purpose for being is in their shock content, particularly since sex has become ubiquitous – there’ll always be a market, don’tcha know.

I mention this only because when I came across Light and Shadows, by Estela Vasquez Perez, I saw that it was listed under Romance. When reading the blurb, however, and simply how the book had been packaged – I love the cover, and I’m also something of a theatre person, both on and off stage – I couldn’t help but give this book a try. And I’m so glad I did.

The last thing Light and Shadows wants to do is shock to sell, but merely to allow the reader to lose him/herself; to wallow in an atmosphere, a time and place, a time and place superbly created by Perez’s graceful pen. Her hand is simple, supple, and so very effective.

It is a book, then, about people; about relationships… about ships meeting in the night, about where life takes us – the very reasons for which I certainly read a book. Yes, it’s a book about life.

These are my favourite kinds of books. And I hope the young Estela Perez will take the time needed to grace us with more in the coming years. I for one will be sitting around waiting.

Light and Shadows is a lovely book.

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