... a wordsmith at YOUR service.

Although my specialism is literature, I am equally at home with advertising, marketing, or any such sort of text requiring an essentially persuasive tone. So, please feel free to contact me regarding any of your needs.

My prices below are intended as a guide only, and I work on a case-by-case basis.


(spelling, grammar and punctuation-check): £20/€23 (10/15 ms pages) per hour


- basic (review of text, spelling, grammar and punctuation-check; consistency-check, superfluity-check, flow and transition-check, terminology-check; tense and tone-check): £20/€23 (5/10 ms pages) per hour

- heavy - (developmental, occasionally verging on a complete re-write): £35/€39 (2/5 ms pages) per hour


 - negotiable 


- £0.23p/€0.23¢ per word

"You have to admire an author who can pour this much of his brain and guts on a page and make a coherent collage or pictures depicting multiple meanings."

pics, courtesy of pixabay