Love A Foot Above The Ground, by Anna Celeste BurkeLove A Foot Above The Ground, by Anna Celeste BurkeLove A Foot Above The Ground, by Anna Celeste Burke
“He was only supposed to be gone three days.”

More than just a romance novel; more than just a mystery novel; more than just what could equally be described as a coming-of-age novel – and not that anything is remotely wrong with these genres – Anna Celeste Burke’s Love A Foot Above The Ground poses, via a tragic event, one of the most fundamental questions pertaining to philosophical thought in the 20th/21st century: where do we turn for comfort/consolation in our hour of need, when having turned our backs on religion?

And all is achieved via the most beautiful relationship: that of a nine year old girl, Jessica, the novel’s narrator, and Bernadette, her childcare worker and storyteller. Not only does Jessica bare her soul to our nine year old narrator, but in doing so partly shapes her life; prepares her for all the good and ills of the human condition, all that it is capable of – couldn’t we all have done with such counselling, such a relationship at such an impressionable age?

I’m not one for giving the story away in my reviews but in this case, suffice it to say, we know from the outset that tragedy will strike – Jessica will lose the love of her life somewhere down the line. The question is how. And it isn’t how we would expect.

Furthermore, we arrive there via Anna Celeste-Burke’s graceful, patient, informative and learned pen.

It is a beautiful story, a beautifully written story; one that, yes, demonstrates to what lengths people will go to hurt others through their own fear of living, but one that still offers hope. And we, as readers, can’t ask any more from an author.

Bravo, Anna Celeste-Burke.

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