'Where Life Takes You', by Claudia Y. Burgoa
refreshingly non-formulaic.

I imagine Where Life Takes You falls into the category of chick lit, and it’s for that reason I chose to read it; I felt like reading a different genre to what I normally read – well, that and having followed Claudia Burgoa’s progress, somewhat, on twitter. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, other than, perhaps, that whatever the stresses and strains of life the heroine may undergo, the stains would come out white in the wash and we’d all live happily ever after…

That certainly wasn’t the case; there wasn’t a hint at anything formulaic.

I found the book to be thought-provoking, both while reading and having read the whole story. And it, the story, completely threw me at the end.

Burgoa has skilfully created a very convincing 1st person character, damaged by her past and who, for me, gives the allusion of using the reader as her confidant, or maybe her conscience, by the way in which she seemingly shares her panic-attacks with us, in the form of italicized asides – in other cases, these asides can be quite witty. Because of the nature of the heroine (Rebecca)’s abuse, these asides are very convincing, in that we sense her sheer inability to sit down and truly, calmly, question her state, to try and rationalize matters. Indeed, I practically experienced her panic attacks myself at given moments. Hence, the book moves along at an exciting, turbulent pace.

It’s because of the above, I believe, that the book’s subthemes, like greed, deceit etc, involving maybe more minor characters, are not dragged out too long. And in turn, the book is full of surprises, the unexpected, all the way to the end.

Furthermore, due to the heroine’s understandably nervous nature, she filters out the information as to the reasons for her condition as such a character might, someone lost in a maelstrom of angst – what to tell, what not to tell, and just how hard it is to even contemplate/recollect!

That’s what this book’s about – forget the other characters, it’s about Rebecca Trent, and what she is endeavouring to come to terms with, something from her past, in the hope she might one day learn to live with it.

And that’s why I’m eagerly awaiting the sequel.

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